The Karikaturmuseum Krems was built to plans by architect and caricaturist Gustav Peichl. The first and only museum for political caricature, satire, and critical cartoon art in Austria, it presents itself with virous international shows every year. The Karikaturmuseum Krems also defines itself as a European competence center for cartoon art and graphic literature.

The term "caricature" has been known as an artistic term since the 16th century and comes from the Italian verb "caricare" which means "loaded, exaggerated" and goes back to the Latin cart, "carrus".

To begin with, mainly portrait caricatures were made. From the second half of the 18th century onwards caricature became more aware of its social function and obligations and subsequently became a highly effective medium of criticism and former of public opinion. The development of the political caricature was closely linked to freedom of the press and the freedom of opinion as well as the possibility of duplication.

Today too, caricature remains indispensable for comprehensive political reporting. It still manages to stimulate discourse and to promote debate on social issues - as an "editorial cartoon", as a drawn lead article on the day’s occurrences, as an art form and pointed commentary. They all bring complex facts to the point.

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