Mission Statement for Sustainability

The Kunstmeile Krems wants to contribute to a sustainable and liveable future for all. The museums and exhibition venues of the Kunstmeile Krems take their responsibility towards future generations seriously. They are also aware of their exemplary role as a public institution, cultural and educational venue.

The Austrian Ecolabel

The Kunstmeile Krems makes an effort to integrate sustainable practices into its operations – from the energy efficiency of the buildings to the selection of durable, environmentally friendly materials, for example in exhibition design or the production of advertising materials. Numerous changes have been made in recent years. Since March 2024, the Karikaturmuseum Krems, the Kunsthalle Krems and the Landesgalerie Niederösterreich are certified with the Austrian Ecolabel. In tandem with compliance with the environmental standards of the NÖKU group, the Austrian Ecolabel certification is an important step on the way to becoming a green museum location. The areas of ecology, energy and social issues are the three main pillars of sustainable museum operations and the basis for achieving the Austrian Ecolabel.

Support Our Cause!

Art and culture have the potential to raise awareness of environmental issues in times of climate crisis. They provide inspiration and food for thought to face the challenges of our time. The Kunstmeile Krems invites its visitors and partners to work together to achieve a "greener" and more sustainable world.

Measures Implemented to Date

In recent years, various measures have been taken to operate in an energy-efficient manner. The Kunstmeile Krems operates its buildings with district heating and highly efficient heat pump systems – fossil fuels are no longer in use. A correspondingly modern control system provides the necessary overview for heating and cooling and an economical mode of operation for all buildings. Targeted thermal insulation helps to reduce energy consumption.

The exterior lighting gets turned off at night, while the local street lighting provides the necessary brightness to allow people to stroll around the Kunstmeile safely. In addition, the houses are equipped with energy-saving LED interior lighting and dimmers adjust the light intensity to save energy.

The Kunstmeile Krems focuses on waste avoidance. Waste is separated and recycled accordingly. Exhibition walls and fixtures are reused as often as possible and taken into account when designing new exhibitions.

Ecological products are used for detergents, washing-up liquid and cleaning agents. Eco-labeled paper is used for office supplies and printed materials. Companies that print in a climate-friendly way are commissioned.

The green areas outdoor are maintained exclusively by hand without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Mainly native plants are planted, invasive neophytes are excluded. Part of the roof area of the Kunsthalle Krems is covered with extensive greenery.

The Kunstmeile Krems exhibition venues are accessible by public transport. Visitors are made aware of this offer via various communication channels and motivated to travel in a climate-friendly way. An e-car was purchased as a company car.

A PV system was installed on the roof of the Kunsthalle Krems.

In Planning

The installation of a PV system on the roof of the Forum Frohner is in preparation.

Social Sustainability

The exhibition venues of the Kunstmeile Krems want to be accessible to all people. In terms of inclusion, the removal of barriers is a top priority. The aim is to make the venues and the content presented accessible and to make people feel welcome. The "Hunger for Art and Culture" program also enables people with financial difficulties to visit the museum.

The Kunstmeile Krems takes mindfulness in the use of language regarding gender-equitable formulations and inclusion serious. It aims to be a non-discriminatory space.

In accordance with the mission statement for cooperation and leadership developed by the NÖKU group, trust, personal responsibility, (co-)design, participation, openness, and the courage to try new things and experiment determine the way employees think, make decisions and act in their day-to-day work at Kunstmeile Krems.

Feedback and Suggestions

As a holder of the Austrian Ecolabel, Kunstmeile Krems is committed to continuously evaluating and improving its sustainability efforts and to communicating its successes on an ongoing basis.

Do you have any comments on Kunstmeile Krems' sustainability concept or ideas on how to further improve its operations? Kunstmeile Krems looks forward to receiving your feedback by e-mail to: office[at]kunstmeile.at

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