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Krems an der Donau museumkrems museumkrems Ausstellung

Works with and without paper

The special exhibition offers insights into the extensive print collection of museumkrems. For the first time, works in a wide variety of printing techniques, including copperplate engraving, etching, screen printing or lithography, are on display. A substantial part of the exhibition is dedicated to the print oeuvre of Martin Johann Schmidt. Another section explores a selection of graphics that were purchased in the 1970s, when graphic art competitions were hosted regularly in Krems. In addition to these works, topographic prints that reference the city of Krems are on display.

Another part of the exhibition is an artistic installation by Thomas Wagensommerer that responds to works of the “Kremser Schmidt“. The historical printings were digitized and serve as the basis for the production of new images. In this process, reproductions were created that mimic the works of the Baroque master – and then again, they don’t. This digitally generated optical irritation challenges the question of authorship. What is “real“, what is not?

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