Park Seo-Bo and Adolf Frohner

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Forum Frohner Forum Frohner Ausstellung

Paris 1961

The exhibition tells the story of a friendship between two artists from completely different cultural backgrounds and highlights their artistic common grounds. Korean-born Park Seo-Bo (*1931) and the Austrian artist Adolf Frohner (1934–2007) meet in 1961 during their UNESCO fellowship in Paris. In a phase of search, the avant-garde of the center of artistic activity Paris—and particularly informal painting and art brut initiated by Jean Dubuffet—is an important impulse for both of them.

Not only in Park Seo-Bo’s oeuvre, but also in the early work of Adolf Frohner the examination of structure and materiality is the most important means of expression. The Paris years and the idea of actionism, founded by Frohner alongside Hermann Nitsch and Otto Mühl in 1962 with the action Blutorgel, lead to his new artistic attitude.

Park Seo-Bo dedicates his later oeuvre to Zen philosophy. He creates Ecriture, his first series of works in the reduced form of monochrome painting. With these works he creates an interface between Buddhist thinking and the knowledge of Western art history. Today, the Seoul-based artist is considered one of the leading monochrome painters in Korea and one of the founding members of the monochrome movement in Asia.

The exhibition focuses on the works that Park Seo-Bo created during his most recent creative period, which are juxtaposed with Frohner’s work from the 1960s. Photographs, catalogs, newspaper articles and letters received in exchange outline the dialog between the artists that has lasted for many years.

Curator: Elisabeth Voggeneder

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