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Claire Morgan

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Krems Landesgalerie Niederösterreich Landesgalerie Niederösterreich Ausstellung


The Irish artist Claire Morgan (*1980) transforms the ground floor of the State Gallery of Lower Austria with a custom-made in situ installation into a unique experiential space.

In her works, she explores the fundamental conditions of humans in their environment. She weaves in personal experiences and her observations on the circle of life and on the relationship between humans and nature. Grace and beauty, but also death and loss are recurring elements in her installations. Drawing on these motifs, she expresses the ambivalence of life in her works in a poetic and irritating way.

First exhibition in Austria

The State Gallery of Lower Austria will show a delicate composition by Morgan that is tailored to the first floor of the museum, and composed of colorful plastic waste, plant seeds, feathers, taxidermy, and other materials. The installation will bring a sense of a carefully controlled and yet powerful movement into the space.

Morgan‘s works are in numerous significant public and private collections worldwide, including the Centre Pompidou and the Fondation Guerlain, Paris. The show in the State Gallery of Lower Austria is the artist‘s first exhibition in Austria.

Curated by: Gerda Ridler

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