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Commentary and curation of original works

Manfred Deix (1949 – 2016) will never be forgotten! The enfant terrible of the caricature scene provoked, shocked, and touched on social taboos like few other Austrian artists before him. Featured in the newly curated annual compilation are favorite works as well as rarely exhibited cartoons.

Open the archive cabinets and discover the originals
The Karikaturmuseum Krems’s in-house Deix archive offers viewers the unique opportunity to view over sixty of the exceptional artist’s works up close.

In 2024, the Deix archive will focus on the anniversary show I Love Deix. In addition to the young, prominent, edgy, political, strident, devout, and erotic Deix, one of the artist’s favorite subjects will also be on display: politician Jörg Haider. No other caricaturist has him depicted in so many different situations and roles. Works from the 1970s, when Deix increasingly worked with ink, and sophisticated watercolors from the 1980s, also provide the chance to admire his works. Treasures from the State Collections of Lower Austria that have not been shown for some time round out the Deix Archive in 2024.

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