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Christian Gonzenbach

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Krems Dominikanerkirche Kunsthalle Krems in der Dominikanerkirche Ausstellung

On Human Level

Swiss artist Christian Gonzenbach (b. 1975) is developing a large-scale installation specifically for the Dominikanerkirche. Gonzenbach sees himself as a researcher at the interface between scientific and artistic approaches. He seeks to capture and redefine living beings with a variety of materials and scales. Albino rabbits mutate into giant monsters, Madonnas seemingly dissolve into thin air, and squids cast ten-meter-long tentacles into the room. Cast metal, coal, cement, Styrofoam, sulfur, plaster, ceramic, or glass are his working materials.

Christian Gonzenbach studied biology and art in Geneva and London. His work shows the vulnerability of nature and its dependence on humans. He lives and works in Geneva.

Curator: Andreas Hoffer

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