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Forum Frohner Forum Frohner Ausstellung

2024 marks the 90th birthday of the late artist Adolf Frohner, who passed in 2007. On the occasion of this anniversary, the Forum Frohner dedicates two exhibitions to him and illustrates the impact of the passionate educator on his students.

Frohner did not complete regular training and was a mostly self-taught artist. Still, he taught for almost four decades at the School (from 1999 onward the University) of Applied Arts. During that time, he met many young artists and had significant impact on several generations of creators.

The two-part exhibition series features works by students who began their artistic path with Frohner and are today among the most established Austrian artists.

Part I “Dialogues” highlights works from the master classes held in the 1980s and early 1990s, that relate to Frohner’s artistic position. The works of the Austrian artist ONA B. bear, for example, resemblance with Frohner’s style.

Part II of the series, “Confrontations“ explores the opposing positions to Frohner’s work. In the late 1990s and 2000s particularly, the young generation looked at current issues differently than the established artist and educator Frohner. Some students, including the artist Moussa Kone, rejected his painting style of sweeping gestures and developed a stylistically opposite artistic vocabulary.

Curated by: Elisabeth Voggeneder


25.05. -20.10.2024


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