Zens meets Frohner

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And Death Laughs Too

Forum Frohner’s autumn exhibition presents tormented bodies and tortured souls, as well as lust and vitality. Two artists considered "classics" among the Viennese art scene are its focus: Herwig Zens (1943-2019) and Adolf Frohner (1934-2007). Working as painters, illustrators, and printmakers across the same time period, both were also passionate professors who influenced generations of students. Throughout their lives both men’s art dealt with questions of human existence between the poles of Eros and Thanatos.

Dramatic and humorous at once
The exhibition’s focus is on the format of etching and shows highlights from Zens’ and Frohner’s art that are both dramatic and humorous. Frohner's Daedalus bones tumbling through the air, his dreary "I & You" skeletons, Zens' Dances of Death and Palermo's Catacombs present visitors with a thoroughly "Viennese" take on the topic of death and desire.

Curators: Nikolaus Kratzer and Elisabeth Voggeneder

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