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From a private collection

Forum Frohner’s spring exhibition focuses on two very different artists: Oswald Oberhuber (1931-2020) and Adolf Frohner (1934-2007). Although both are from the same generation, they are nevertheless contrasting. Whilst Frohner's art develops from classical modernism through Art Informel and Actionism to a new interpretation of Realism, Oberhuber's work cannot be categorized.

Highlights from the private collection
The exhibition provides visitors the opportunity to view the brothers Christian and Stephan Ettl’s collection, which focuses on Oberhuber and Frohner’s work. The brothers’ collecting activities began in the late 1970s at the College (now University) of Applied Arts, where they met both Oberhuber and Frohner, who were working as teachers there. Decades followed, which saw this personal encounter result in an extensive art collection, the highlights of which are now on show for the first time.

Oberhuber and Frohner
Frohner and Oberhuber met at the University of Applied Arts in the 1970s, where Frohner was appointed associate professor of nude drawing in 1972 and was made full professor in 1976. Oberhuber gave lectures in Fine Arts Education from 1973 onwards, was appointed head of the master class for graphic arts in 1975 and took on the role of rector in 1979. In 1986 Oberhuber took over Frohner’s classes for “nude drawing” and “evening nude”, whilst Frohner then headed the master class for painting. Frohner and Oberhuber worked at the university in a range different functions across several decades and proved to have a formative influence on the coming generation of artists.

Curator: Elisabeth Voggeneder

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