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Fantastic stories

Well-known read-aloud stories from Austria

The enchantingly illustrated books by Erwin Moser have accompanied children and the parents that read to them for decades. The Austrian illustrator and writer Erwin Moser has published over 100 books in more than 30 years, including children's novels, fable, picture, and bedtime story books. The imaginatively told stories exhibit a special warm-heartedness. Moser's work has been translated into over 20 languages and has won many awards.

Focus on the illustrator Erwin Moser
The Caricature Museum Krems’ exhibition will help you explore the illustrator Erwin Moser via a very personal selection of his best original work. Perhaps you remember grandfather bear reading from the “Fantastische Gute-Nacht-Geschichten” ("Fantastic Bedtime Stories") whilst sitting in his green sofa chair, or the “Karierte Uhu” ("The Chequered Owl") or the adventurous mice Manuel and Didi from “Kleine Mäuseabenteuer” ("Little Mouse Adventures")? You will encounter these and many more wondrous figures in Krems’ Erwin Moser cosmos.

Unique: the surrealistic black-and-white pictures on display will give you insights into Erwin Moser's early artistic phase.

Curator: Ruth Moser

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