Frenzi Rigling

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Frenzi Rigling makes visible what often remains concealed. In her artistic practice, the Swiss-born artist, who has lived for many years in Lower Austria and Vienna, devotes herself to everyday items and found objects. It is largely motifs and objects from her own environment that she collects, stages, distorts, and arranges to create multifaceted art objects and installations.

Feminist approach
The artist often uses materials with a female connotation as her focal point: cyclical and routine tasks in the home and garden or textiles such as clothing items, fabric remnants, or pelts. Her works reflect the cycles of our existence and the fragility of our day-to-day lives. But in the tradition of feminist practice, they also address sociopolitical issues.

With her works, Frenzi Rigling counters the cycle of disappearance with an aesthetic of preservation. In the colorful farandole of contemporary art, her polyphonic works stand alone.

Curator: Gerda Ridler

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