Eva-Maria Raab

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the river in you / river prints

In her photographs, Eva-Maria Raab captures the ephemeral and asks questions about the essence of nature and its transience. The technique she chooses is cyanotype, an ancient photographic printing formulation creating blue pigments. Her photographic experiments are an attempt to capture the soul of nature directly and purely. With her "live prints," for example, she generates images of past moments. Traces of earth or plant saps on the paper are silent witnesses of the place and blend into its picture.

At galeriekrems, the artist shows works that explore the Danube River. On light- and water-sensitive paper, Raab captures the undulations of the Danube and adds new dimensions by means of overpainting and experimental exposures, resulting in abstract and at the same time precise-looking images that capture the essence of the river in motion.

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