Philipp Hanich

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The Fool

Philipp Hanich’s most recent works could be described in stylistic and formal terms as dirty, “op-art”-like. The uneven rear sides of pictures, for example, with their random structures, act as the carriers of usually colorful, geometric forms. The edges are not always exact, and the paint application is three-dimensional, with the artist seeing paint as a material. For Hanich, his pictures are also a homage to the odd, the curious.

They are broken, bent, twisted, and nonconformist.
They are ugly and lovely. They are angry, direct, shy, reflective.
They are garish and glitzy.
They are emotionally geometric.
(Philipp Hanich, text excerpt)

Philipp Hanich, born in Munich, Germany, initially studied art history in Munich before completing his studies in painting at the University of Art and Design Linz. He lives in Vienna, where he works as a visual artist and musician.

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